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The Hot Hand™ Motion Controlled Phaser/Flanger is the second unit in our Hot Hand Motion Controlled effects line. It features 7 phaser and 7 flanger effects that can be controlled in a variety of ways. Users can select 4 modulation sources: Hot Hand Motion Sensor control, low frequency oscillator (LFO), sequencer, or envelope follower. Control the modulation in real time with subtle motions...



The Hot Hand Motion-Controlled Wah Filters is the world’s first motion-controlled effects unit. It utilizes a motion sensor mounted in a ring to capture a player’s movement and uses that data to control the sweep of a Wah filter. It provides an unprecedented level of control and expressiveness and offers the artist a new way of manipulating effects. Eleven effect types are included...

Robert Keeley Electronics 1 Java boost usato

Java boost usato

Treble booster serie CUSTOM PEDALS Il perfetto pedale Boost per il tuo principale OD. Dal Surf al FUZZ... Da usarsi con un ampli a valvole per trarne i migliori risultati...

1 The Blue Collar usato

The Blue Collar usato


Robert Keeley Electronics 1 BD-2 Mammoth Boss BD-2 “Freak Fuzz” usato

BD-2 Mammoth Boss BD-2 “Freak Fuzz” usato

Questa versione include la più comune modifica Phat Mod. insieme alla più Rara modifica Freak Fuzz. La modifica Phat Mod migliora la risposta del pedale, la sua trasparenza e dinamica. La modifica Freak Fuzz, con l'aggiunta di due transistor al germanio (che vedete spuntare dal top del pedale) porta il pedale verso sonorità più fuzzose. I due switch posizionati sul...

Electro-Harmonix 1 Equalizzatore Tube Eq usato

Equalizzatore Tube Eq usato

global warming! plain and simple, the tube eq is the first affordable vacuum tube equalizer that guarantees the warmest balancing of tone. there is nothing like quality vacuum tube equalization.true bypass using a mechanical relayparametric eq lets you change the eq’s center frequency and q, allowing you to zero in on and boost specific frequenciesgain control for parametric eq to set...

1 Turbo Charger usato

Turbo Charger usato

This pedal came about from a desire to capture one of the most desirable overdrive/distortion sounds from the late ‘70s. Allowing the true sound of the guitar and a player's technique to come through this pedal excels when used with the 25w Speedster Deluxe. Knowing the abuse some pedals endure, Joe Valosay, our company's owner, with his aerospace machining background, decided to...

EarthQuaker Devices 1 Fuzz Hoof Fuzz usato

Fuzz Hoof Fuzz usato

Hoof™ What to say about the Hoof that hasn’t already been said? Our flagship fuzz pedal can be found on thousands on pedaboards around the world and has rocked countless stages from stinky suburban basements to Madison Square Garden. Twice. The Hoof is loosely based on the classic green Russian muff-style fuzz circuit, and features a hybrid Germanium / Silicon design, pairing maximum...

Boss 1 Compressore CS-2 usato

Compressore CS-2 usato


H.B.E. 1 Flanger Frost Bite usato

Flanger Frost Bite usato

HBE Frostbite Flanger: The HBE Frostbite is an all analog flanger capable of producing a wide range of sounds including Flange, Chorus, Rotary, Vibrato, and Pitch Shift. Features: Level, Threshold, Enhance, Manual, Range, and Speed controls, as well as an Even/Odd Harmonics toggle switch, and True-Bypass switching.  HBE is a small company dedicated to building top quality custom guitar...

T-Rex 1 GRISTLE KING usato


Caratteristiche: Il Gristle King è stato sviluppato sulla specifica richiesta di Greg Koch ed rappresenta la perfetta combinazione dei due pedali DGTM e LUXURY DRIVE, capace di offrire una vasta gamma di timbri e saturazioni.  Il Gristle King, per i controlli di Tono, saturazione ed EQ, lavora proprio come il DGTM, ma ha un controllo in più come nel Luxury Drive.  In...

Electro-Harmonix 1 Memory Man usato

Memory Man usato

Electro-Harmonix Memory Man , analog delay and chorus unit, circa 1978. Silver floor unit, black lettering with on/off footswitch and 3 big knobs giving access to Blend, Feedback and Delay. Regular and boost input and single output with switch for echo/chorus mode. a/c powered. Predecessor to Deluxe model reissued last year. Fat chorus with depth and amount (wet/dry) variable thru given control...

Carl Martin 1 Pedale AC-tone usato

Pedale AC-tone usato


Carl Martin 1 Pedale Delay De Layla XL usato

Pedale Delay De Layla XL usato

The Carl Martin DeLayla XL Delay Pedal was designed and developed to have the same sonic quality as the original DeLayla and adds a second delay head for the ultimate in vintage slapback echo. The response of the second head can be fine-tuned, is controllable by footswitch, and can be blended with the first head. The Carl Martin DeLayla delivers warm, smooth delay and echo reminiscent of vintage...

1 Pedale Distortion usato

Pedale Distortion usato

Moollon GW 109S Buffer Inside Input Impedance : High 1M Output Impedance : Low 10k Maximum Output : 0dBm Maximum Gain : +42dB Current Draw : 13.5 mA (DC 9 V) Controls : Volume, Tone, Dist In/Output Jacks : Switchcraft Foot Switch : Heavy Duty 3pdt Power Supply : 9 Volt Battery or DC Jack Dimensions : 110 X 60 X 45mm

1 Machine usato

Machine usato

Zackery designed this distortion generator, Machine, with some different limitations. Like try playing chords through it. Hmmm. But put it in front of any string of fuzz pedals, and try to make it disappear. Machine is actually a dual frequency-tripler circuit that uses crossover distortion for the first time in any pedal, ever. It generates the distortion of the wave in the sloped part of the...

Real Mccoy 1 Wah RMC3 usato

Wah RMC3 usato


Boss 1 Chorus CE-2 usato

Chorus CE-2 usato


1 Chorus/Vibrato/Flange Mod Zero usato

Chorus/Vibrato/Flange Mod Zero usato

Chorus/Vibe/Flanger/Leslie Controlli: Dry/Wet, Speed, Depth, Manual, Rigeneration Power: adattatore DC 9v, batteria 9v.

Xotic 1 Robotalk usato

Robotalk usato

FFETTO FILTRO INVILUPPO A PEDALE PER CHITARRA Xotic Effects Custom Shop ha riprogettato e rivitalizzato l'originale Robotalk. Ora, in un formato compatto, è stato migliorato il suo esclusivo filtro inviluppo. Ma è stato anche migliorato l'arpeggiatore con suoni meravigliosamente strani e affascinanti. Dotato di True Bypass per eliminare le interferenze quando è...

Carl Martin 1 Tonebone Plexitube usato

Tonebone Plexitube usato

Questo distorsore valvolare a due canali combina il calore naturale e la generazione di armoniche di una valvola 12AX7 con i controlli e la saturazione dell’esclusivo circuito solid-state multi-stage. La combinazione produce un gain incredibile con enorme quantità di overtones e, associato allo speciale circuito di equalizzazione passiva, produce quattro generazioni di suoni Marshall...

Hofner 1 Wah + Fuzz made in (Western) Germany, 1970s

Wah + Fuzz made in (Western) Germany, 1970s

Different to most of the wah/fuzz combinations I came across, which either did a good wah job or had an interesting fuzz, the Höfner Z offers the best of both worlds: an outstanding wah wah and a decent fuzz. Unfortunately these pedals are rare, highly sought after and rather expensive - but they are worth it...

1 Looper Lo-Fi Loop usato

Looper Lo-Fi Loop usato

Pedale Loop 1] registra fino a 20 secondi. 2] interruttore a pedale. 3] tiene in memoria il loop anche disattivato. 4] vibrato con controlli speed e depth. 5] registrazione analogica senza conversione in digitale. 6] controllo Tone per una totale assenza di rumori di fondo. 7] indicatore LED.

Electro-Harmonix 1 Bass Micro Synthetizer usato

Bass Micro Synthetizer usato


1 Digital Modulated Delay usato

Digital Modulated Delay usato

- DD2/3 or DSD2/3 based (Roland long chip) (time/feedback/mix control) - Dual Voltage supply with IEC male connector on the right side of the pedal - Footswitchable Modulation part form my Caribbean Blue Chorus (rate/intensity control) - Active tone control with high and low fine adjustments (12db cut or boost) - True Bypass - Hammond heavy duty chassis

Electro-Harmonix 1 HOG2 + remote usato

HOG2 + remote usato