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Rockbag 0 Alimentatore Power Ace 9V negativo centrale

Alimentatore Power Ace 9V negativo centrale

9 Volts DC 1700 mA output power For up to 8 effects Input voltage between 100 and 240 volts (automatic voltage adjustment) High-quality construction, virtually hum-free operation 3 m long connection cable

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Dunlop 10 Alimentatore ECB 004

Alimentatore ECB 004

18vDc @ 150ma 5% regolato 2.1 mm x 5.5 mm + Barrel con centro negativo.

Truetone 12 Alimentatore 9 volt 1Spot

Alimentatore 9 volt 1Spot

The 1 SPOT is the original 9V pedalboard power supply that only takes up one spot on an outlet strip or wall outlet. It solves an annoying problem that people have complained about for years, and does so with quiet, reliable performance! Handles from one to well over twenty guitar pedals (1700mA max!) Heavy-duty output cable. Use with optional multi-plug cable(s) for powering more than one...

Truetone 4 Misuratore di consumo pedalini mA Meter

Misuratore di consumo pedalini mA Meter

The  1 SPOT mA Meter  (that’s “milliamp meter” for all you non-engineers), is a simple device for measuring the power consumption of your guitar pedals. You’re probably used to seeing power supply outputs with ratings like “100mA”, which is the maximum that output can provide for a pedal. And you might have wondered whether it was enough to power your...

Rockbag 1 Modulo alimentazione RBO B con XLR

Modulo alimentazione RBO B con XLR

I moduli RockBoard® sono semplici patchbay all-in-one per le pedaliere della serie RockBoard. Si addattano a tutte le pedalboard Rockboard® tranne il modello Duo 2.1, e forniscono varie connessioni via cavo per adattarsi a un'ampia varietà di esigenze come una comoda "scatola di derivazione". Gestisci tutte le connessioni da e verso i tuoi effetti in un unico posto e...



Il RockBOARD RBO Power LT XL è un alimentatore ricaricabile per pedali effetto, indipendente dalla presa a muro. Non preoccuparti più delle tue batterie da 9V che possono abbandonarti a metà canzone. Puoi anche dimenticare di cercare una presa di corrente sul palco per alimentare la tua pedaliera. Il RockBoard RBO Power LT XL è dotato di potenti e durature batterie...

Rockbag 0 Lithium-Ion battery RBO Power LT XL

Lithium-Ion battery RBO Power LT XL

The RockBoard RBO Power LT XL is a rechargeable power station for effects pedals, independent from the wall outlet. No more worrying about your 9V batteries dying mid song. You can also forget about searching for a wall outlet on stage to power your pedal board. The RockBoard RBO Power LT XL is equipped with powerful and long-lasting, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, to supply effects pedals...

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X-Vive 3 Power supply V19

Power supply V19

●Power up 8 multiple effects  ●Avoid unwanted cable mess and noise ●Seven – 9V inputs/One – 18V input ●Flexible power configuration covers requirements of majority of pedals  ●Eight individually regulated outputs ●Short circuit protection design for individual outputs ●Provides stable 9V DC & 18V power   9V DC Output maximum current of 250mA 18V DC...

Cioks 1 Alimentatore SCHIZOPHRENIC


Alimentatore 6 Uscite di cui: 5 da 9 a 12 volt 1 da 18 volt 4 CAVI STANDARD 1 CAVO CON MINIJACK 1 CAVO CON POLARITA' INVERTITA (RED)



Il RockBoard Power Pit è un alimentatore versatile per pedali effetto. Offre 4 uscite di alimentazione da 9 V (con 500 mA totali), 3 uscite con tensione regolabile (da 7,9 V - 9,4 V) per simulare una batteria e un'altra 1 uscita con tensione regolabile (9, 12, 15, 18 V). Tramite display si ha la possibilità di visualizzare le regolazioni di tensione. Inoltre, è...

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T-Rex 1 Alimentatore Junior

Alimentatore Junior

Voltage selector, 115/230 volts   5 x 9VDC isolated outputs (120 mA each)

T-Rex 0 Alimentatore Fueltank Classic

Alimentatore Fueltank Classic

Mains input power plug, 3-pin standard plug Voltage selector, 115/230V Eight 9-volt DC output plugs, all sharing the same ground. Giving a total of 500mA 1x 12V DC output with isolated ground, giving 500mA 1x 12V AC output with isolated ground, giving 500mA Slow burning fuse 250V 250mA

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Truetone 3 Alimentatore CS6

Alimentatore CS6

Following on the tremendous success of the 1 SPOT Pro CS7 and CS12, Truetone presents the most powerful slim line power supply in its class, the 1 SPOT Pro CS6. Utilizing the energy efficient technology found in all 1 SPOT’s, the CS6 is the first low-profile power brick to be able to put out up to 1600mA of pure, silent power. Just like its bigger brothers in the 1 SPOT Pro line, the CS6...

MXR 1 Alimentatore DC Brick M237

Alimentatore DC Brick M237

Keep your pedals powered all night long with the MXR DC Brick, a revamp of the DCB10. Now under the MXR brand, the new DC Brick features all of the short circuit and overload protection of the original but now handles twice the power, allowing you to use virtually any combination of effects. Additionally, each 9v output has a red LED that illuminates if there is a short so you can quickly...

T-Rex 0 alimentatore Fueltank Chameleon

alimentatore Fueltank Chameleon

5 outputs each with 300 mA (= 1500 mA) Output 5/6 choice of either 9/12v DC or 12v AC Choice of 9V DC, 12V DC, 12V AC or 18VDC -150mA Noise-cancelling galvanic isolated outputs Traditional EI Transformer Several different voltage types served Current doubler = the possibility of as much as 600 mA Switchable 115V or 230V Compact, rugged, road-ready design

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Strymon 1 Alimentatore Ojai R30

Alimentatore Ojai R30

Il nuovo  Ojai R30 , insieme allo Zuma, è il più potente ed il più tecnologicamente avanzato alimentatore per pedali attualmente sul mercato. Questa nuova versione dell’Ojai, offre ben 5 uscite in alta corrente isolate individualmente e dal bassissimo rumore di fondo, di cui due con un voltaggio selezionabile a 9V, 12V o 18V. Progettato per soddisfare tutti i...

MXR 0 Iso-Brick power supply

Iso-Brick power supply

The MXR Iso-Brick Power Supply is small and light with tons of quiet, noise-free DC power on tap ready to run a wide range of pedal types without crowding or weighing down your pedalboard.  Each of the Iso-Brick Power Supply’s 10 outputs is fully isolated, eliminating gig-ending ground loop noise. Whether analog or digital, positive or negative ground, this power box has you covered....

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Nemphasis 1 Alimentatore multiplo Snake AC

Alimentatore multiplo Snake AC

  L’alimentatore Snake AC è sviluppato per risolvere definitivamente i problemi che si incontrano assemblando pedaliere “energivore”, composte anche da dispositivi che richiedono una tensione alternata a 9 o 12 V. Lo Snake AC dispone di 5 gruppi di uscite a masse separate ed un totale di 7 connessioni. Data l’elevata stabilità e la robusta costruzione,...

Truetone 1 Multialimentatore CS12

Multialimentatore CS12

For many years, Truetone has made musicians’ lives easier with the 1 SPOT, the original compact pedalboard power supply. It works so well that a lot of musicians never felt the need to get one of those brick-style power supplies, and we here at Truetone didn’t see the need for those either, even though they were quite popular. Bob Weil, founder of Truetone, explains: “A lot of...

Cioks 1 Alimentatore multiplo Power Factor 2

Alimentatore multiplo Power Factor 2

Features: 8 isolated outlets with 9 or 12V a total output current of 2.200mA toroidal transformer four high current outlets with 400mA each two medium current outlets with 200mA each two outlets for standard battery operated pedals short circuit protection of all outlets advanced LED monitoring of each outlet short circuit protection of all outlets advanced LED monitoring of each section...

Voodoo Lab 0 Pedal Power 2 Plus

Pedal Power 2 Plus

Isolation is more than fixing ground loops. Ground loops cause hum, and the solution is to break the unwanted ground path. Isolation is the best way to do it. Unlike other power supplies, Pedal Power 2 Plus isolates EVERY output. This eliminates tone robbing interaction between units. Now you can properly power everything from vintage overdrives to modern digital marvels that others just...

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T-Rex 1 Alimentatore Fuel Tank Goliath

Alimentatore Fuel Tank Goliath

3000MA OF MONSTROUS POWER 5 isolated 9/12 volt DC outlets (450 mA each)   1 isolated 12 volt AC outlets (450 mA)   1 isolated 18 volt DC outlet (250 mA)   Voltage selector - 115/230 volts   The fuse is external for easy replacement   Pedal board mounting bracket included   Including all the cables you need   Rugged, attractive design