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X-Vive 1 Box DI V13

Box DI V13

Balanced / Unbalanced output Gain switch Ground lift function Requires 9 V DC power supply (not included) Dimensions (L x W x H): 94 x 46 x 50 mm Matching power supply: Art. 409939 (not included)

X-Vive 2 Switch ABY

Switch ABY

XVive V12 AbY Mini, e-guitar effect, ABY switcher, 2 inputs to 1 output or 1 input to 2 outputs, true thomann bypass, 9V DC power supply needed (not included), dimensions: (LxWxH) 94x46x50mm

1 Minimal AB box

Minimal AB box

Use the Minimal AB Box to control the direction of your signal path in order to select amps, mute your signal, control what effects you’d like to use, and various other uses. 

Truetone 2 Buffer Pure Tone

Buffer Pure Tone

Il famoso buffer che si trova all’interno di tutti I pedali Truetone, adesso è disponibile anche stand-alone in un piccolo alloggiamento costruito dal Custom Shop di Truetone. Mettilo prima di tutti gli altri effetti nella catena, collega la chitarra e l’alimentatore a 9V (ad esempio un 1- Spot), in questo modo la chitarra suona come se l’avessi collegata direttamente...

Schatten 2 Black Box Guitar Jack-Mounted Plug-in Volume Control

Black Box Guitar Jack-Mounted Plug-in Volume Control

The "black box" is a small lightweight passive volume control unit that plugs right into the end pin jack or output jack of your guitar. it is designed to work with virtually any acoustic instrument that has a pickup system, but lacks a volume control. housed in a rugged die cast black aluminum box, the black box is an almost bullet-proof design. it is extremely rugged. the "black...

MXR 0 A/B Box M196

A/B Box M196

L'MXR A/B Box permette di indirizzare il segnale del vostro strumento a due uscite separate. Usatelo per passare da un amplificatore a un altro o farli funzionare contemporaneamente con diverse configurazioni di effetti per un suono incredibilmente spaziale. Utilizzate la presa Thru per collegare un accordatore, un amplificatore o un'altro dispositivo a cui desiderate inviare un segnale...

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Huge Audio 2 Switch A.B.

Switch A.B.

The A.B unit allows to route the signal either to output A or to output B, between 2 amplifiers for example. 2 bright LEDs, powered with a 9V battery or power supply (not included), indicate which output is selected.

Nemphasis 1 Pedale Buffer Z-Pro

Pedale Buffer Z-Pro

Adattatore di impedenza, buffer, per uso professionale. Lo Z-PRO, collegato tra strumento e amplificatore o catena effetti consente grazie ad un ottimale adattamento di impedenza, di mantenere inalterato il timbro dello strumento. Particolarmente indicato quando il collegamento tra strumento e amplificatore/mixer ha lunghezze notevoli (maggiore di 4 m) oppure la catena effetti è composta...

EWS 1 Pedale Subtle Volume Control

Pedale Subtle Volume Control

E.W.S. Subtle Volume Control or SVC is a device based on Scott Henderson’s idea, which provides better control of your overall volume than a traditional volume pedal. With subtle increases or decreases in volume, your audience may never realize that you’ve changed your volume. The SVC goes in your amp effects loop. This allows you to control your volume without changing the gain you...

Anasounds 1 Pedale buffer Bumper

Pedale buffer Bumper

The Bumper is THE needed pedal for your pedalboard and it’s now available !!! Placing this really  small pedal  (2 inch square) directly in front of your guitar, you’ll recover your  guenine signal and avoid line looses . In addition, here is a switch allowing you to  transform your guitar pickup  !

Huge Audio 2 Switch ABY

Switch ABY

The Huge Audio ABY unit allows to route the signal to output A or to output B, or both. It also features a direct output labeled 'tuner'. Two bright LEDs, powered with a 9V battery or a power supply (not included), indicate which output is selected.

Radial 1 Pickup impedance control

Pickup impedance control

Adjusts the load on magnetic pickup for a natural sound Warms up the tone of harsh sounding active buffers Helps improve the sound of your wireless system Compact and lightweight, can be used anywhere! The Radial Dragster is a super-compact load correction device that lets you adjust the load on your electric guitar pickup to replicate the sound as if connected directly to a tube guitar...

J.Rockett 1 Pedale buffer S.O.S.

Pedale buffer S.O.S.

Every pedal board needs a good buffer. Buffers balance out your impedance and get that loss of highs back on track, especially with multiple pedals and long cable runs. The quality of guitar cables varies so if you have ever plugged straight into your amp and then back into your board, you know what I mean. The SOS is exactly that, a pedal that will rescue your tone. There is one knob used to...

H.B.E. 1 Switcher A/B/C

Switcher A/B/C

Instructions for the Bytchn Swytchn A/B/C Switcher The  A/B/C Switcher  allows the ability to switch between three outputs. Both output A and B are buffered with output A also being transformer isolated to alleviate ground loop hum when using more than one amp. Output C is a direct out. The buffer is completly transparent and no signal is lost when using the American made Jensen...

Radial 0 Big Shot EFX

Big Shot EFX

BigShot EFX™ Effects Loop Switcher Part No. R800 7214    Switch between two separate effects loops Take noisy pedals out of the signal chain Create true-bypass signal path with all pedals Super-bright LEDs for instant status update The BigShot EFX is a true-bypass effects loop switcher that lets you set up two separate effects loops and insert them into your pedal chain. This...

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Morley 1 Effects loop corrector

Effects loop corrector

L'Effects Loop Corrector è composto dai jack SEND e RETURN che di solito si trovano sul pannello posteriore di molti amplificatori per chitarra. Queso pedale viene utilizzato in modo che il musicista possa collegare gli effetti direttamente all'ingresso amplificatore per un segnale più forte. Il livello effettivo del segnale loop effetti varia da ampli ad ampli. Il...

Morley 1 Hum Eliminator

Hum Eliminator

Morley Ebtech Hum Eliminator - 2x channels, eliminates AC humming, prevents humming loops, leaves the grounding intact, passive (no power thomann required).

Lehle 1 Pedale switching e looping Little Dual

Pedale switching e looping Little Dual

The Little Lehle II - the universal Lehle switching and looping tool.  The Little Lehle II removes effect pedals from the signal path at the press of its button. A signal can be picked off at any point in the signal chain, to switch to an instrument tuner, for example. The Little Lehle II can also be used to switch between two instruments on one amp or, vice versa, between two amps with one...

Hughes & Kettner 1 Red Box 5 Guitar Cabinet Simulator

Red Box 5 Guitar Cabinet Simulator

H&k Red box mk5 ultimo versione del più famoso simulatore di cassa per chitarra. Dotato di filtro per selezionare il tipo di suono dei coni dal moderno al vintage e la risposta della cassa. Entrata a jack, uscita Xlr,alimentazione a phantom oppure a batteria 9v. Usato sia in live che in studio.

Huge Audio 1 Switch A.B.C.

Switch A.B.C.

The A.B Y unit allows to route the signal to output A or to output B, or both. It also features a direct output labeled  tuner . 2 bright LEDs, powered with a 9V battery or a power supply (not included), indicate which output is selected. In Y mode, a blue LED turns on while the A/B selection remains visible so you know which channel you're going back to when leaving the Y mode.

Morley 1 Twin Mix

Twin Mix

Twin Mix di Morley è un selettore/combinatore che consente di inviare due segnali in ingresso a due uscite distinte, oppure di miscelare i segnali in ingresso inviandoli ad una unica uscita. Ciascun ingresso è dotato di controllo indipendente del livello e footswitch per attivare o disattivare la sorgente. Twin Mix include inoltre un circuito TrueTone buffer Bypass per mantenere...

Morley 1 Quad Box

Quad Box

Selettore per collegare 2 ingressi (chitarra A o B) a 2 uscite (amplificatore A, B, A+B), dotato di 3 interruttori a pedale con relativi LED, alimentazione 9V (necessaria solo per alimentare i LED) con alimentatore esterno opzionale. Caratteristiche 2 Ingressi (A/B) 2 uscite (A/B/A+B) alimentatore 9V opzionale

Sourceaudio 1 Neuro Hub

Neuro Hub

The Neuro Hub brings full MIDI functionality to all of Source Audio's One Series and Soundblox 2 pedals. Connect the Hub to as many as five pedals and combine them into a thoroughly integrated multi-pedal system. This breakthrough in effect technology introduces Source Audio’s new scene saving functionality, enabling the creation of up to 128 single or multi-pedal presets (i.e....

CopperSound Pedals 1 Telegraph Custom

Telegraph Custom

This HAND OPERATED stutter (killswitch) will take your music to the next level. This model is customizable and can match any color you want. The grey is the standard color but we can get any color to match band logos, color schemes, etc. 

Carl Martin 1 Route Box

Route Box

As musicians, we sometimes have to supply ‘more’ gear, in order to adequately meet the demands of a show.  The Carl Martin Route Box helps simplify some of those situations. For instance, you might find yourself with two guitars, two amps and one pedal-board.  By plugging each guitar into each Instrument In, out to the pedal-board and then back from the pedal-board to the...

3 EBow


Despite its frequent use in classics of rock and pop history, the E-Bow finds itself today as an outsider thomann amongst the large body of guitar effects - often heard, seldom recognized is the motto here. At the same time, this unassuming little helper offers what many guitarists dream of: Sustain that is unlimited and with virtually no end. Beyond that, experienced e-Bowers have begun to...

Morley 1 Pedale switch ABC

Pedale switch ABC

Selettore/combinatore per collegare 3 chitarre ad 1 amplificatore o viceversa

Morley 1 Tripler


SELETTORE - COMBINATORE 1-IN/3-OUT Il pedale Morley George Lynch Tripler consente di collegare la chitarra a tre amplificatori e selezionarli singolarmente o combinarli in qualsiasi modo. La manopola Boost consente di compensare le perdite di volume quando si usano contemporaneamente tutti i canali. Caratteristiche principali Consente di collegare fino a 3 amplificatori Manopola Boost...

Radial 1 Big Shot Mix

Big Shot Mix

Part no. R800 7203 Lets you mix any effect into your signal path Class-A circuit retains natural tone of instrument Buffered loop to reduce noise from pedals Standard 9V operation for power bricks The BigShot MIX is an innovative pedal that lets you blend the original sound of your instrument with your effects pedals just like a studio mixer. For example on bass, this lets you add distortion...

G-Lab 1 Midi Amp Controller

Midi Amp Controller

Midi Amp Controller enables to switch the channels (4 outputs) and to switch on and off the other functions (4 outputs) by using the amp’s Jack ¼ ‘ EXTERNAL SWITCHING inputs. The control is done by Program Change and/or Control Change commands of the MIDI interface of any programmable MIDI controller (which enables to program desired No. of PROG CHANGE or CTRL CHANGE command...