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Ibanez 1 AF105-VS usata

AF105-VS usata

Here’s a great looking second hand Ibanez AF105 in excellent condition. Some minor playwear, but nothing else, it really looks like new. Frets, playability and neck are perfect. The Ibanez AF105 Electric Guitar is a true full-hollowbody guitar with no soundblock. With ARTEC Super58 Custom humbuckers combined with an arched top to give you smooth, hefty tone.  Quilted maple body, bound...

Gibson 1 Memphis Les Paul ES Bourbon Burst usata

Memphis Les Paul ES Bourbon Burst usata

F-Hole emblem engraved truss rod cover:  The iconic symbol of the Gibson ES line is now the hallmark of Gibson Memphis Redesigned neck dimensions:  Added thickness to Peghead transition provides greater strength and stability Historic truss rod:  Superior Adjustability due to the Teflon coating, larger diameter rod, original brass anchor and larger washer Bone nut:  Bone...