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Xotic 1 Robotalk usato

Robotalk usato

FFETTO FILTRO INVILUPPO A PEDALE PER CHITARRA Xotic Effects Custom Shop ha riprogettato e rivitalizzato l'originale Robotalk. Ora, in un formato compatto, è stato migliorato il suo esclusivo filtro inviluppo. Ma è stato anche migliorato l'arpeggiatore con suoni meravigliosamente strani e affascinanti. Dotato di True Bypass per eliminare le interferenze quando è...

Providence 1 pedale distorsore Heat Blaster usato

pedale distorsore Heat Blaster usato

A powerful distortion sound close to the modern thick high gain tube amplifiers! The Heat Blaster HBL-4 provides aggressive distortion from classic rock to modern hard rock.

Wampler 1 Plexidrive usato

Plexidrive usato


Carl Martin 1 AC Tone usato

AC Tone usato

AC-TONE - Overdrive per chitarra - Pro-line Series - Il Carl Martin AC-Tone è un overdrive dal suono britannico che integra due diversi canali overdrive più un canale boost che incrementa il suono fino a 20dB. L'AC-Tone ha un range sonoro che passa da suoni molto cremosi e pulti fino a quelli più aggressivi e saturi tpici degli ampilificatori made in Uk degli anni'60...

Electro-Harmonix 1 Equalizzatore Tube Eq usato

Equalizzatore Tube Eq usato

global warming! plain and simple, the tube eq is the first affordable vacuum tube equalizer that guarantees the warmest balancing of tone. there is nothing like quality vacuum tube equalization.true bypass using a mechanical relayparametric eq lets you change the eq’s center frequency and q, allowing you to zero in on and boost specific frequenciesgain control for parametric eq to set...

Electro-Harmonix 1 riverbero Holier Grail usato

riverbero Holier Grail usato

Reverb + Golden Gate. Let the Golden Gates of heaven open up for you! Expanding on the reverb sounds of the Holy Grail, the Holier Grail offers 8 high-quality reverbs that will drive guitarists and experimentalists to part seas just to unearth it. Two of each reverb: Spring, Hall, Room, Flerb, post-reverb Gate, and Reverse Gate will open up new doors to other worlds of reverb and help you get...

G2D 1 Classic usato

Classic usato

The "Classic" harks back to the late 60's and early 70's era of classic British amplification. The "Classic" is a low to medium drive pedal that can be used to give your amp a "front end kick" or use it on its own for that "cranked amp" sound at any volume. If you are looking for that "non-master plexi" sound, then look no further. The...

H.B.E. 1 Flanger Frost Bite usato

Flanger Frost Bite usato

HBE Frostbite Flanger: The HBE Frostbite is an all analog flanger capable of producing a wide range of sounds including Flange, Chorus, Rotary, Vibrato, and Pitch Shift. Features: Level, Threshold, Enhance, Manual, Range, and Speed controls, as well as an Even/Odd Harmonics toggle switch, and True-Bypass switching.  HBE is a small company dedicated to building top quality custom guitar...

J.Rockett 1 Pedale OVERDRIVE / BOOST usato

Pedale OVERDRIVE / BOOST usato

The Archer is sort of a 2 in one pedal. It can be used as just a clean boost by turning the gain all the way down. As you introduce gain it will attenuate the clean signal but there is a magical blend in between that you will find. Please experiment!!

Bearfoot 1 Pedale Pink Purple Fuzz usato

Pedale Pink Purple Fuzz usato


Suhr 1 Pedale Riot Reload usato

Pedale Riot Reload usato

 Amp-Like Dynamics  - Responds to every nuance of your playing with definition and clarity. Over 30% More Gain  - Adds dimension, upper harmonics, and increased sustain. Tone Control  - Modified to emphasize upper mid frequencies for a sweeter more cutting tone. Three Position Voice Switch  - Provides Classic, Modern (Full bodied), and Scooped EQ settings.

Suhr 1 Pedale Rufus Reload usato

Pedale Rufus Reload usato

EXCLUSIVE FEATURES: Silicon Transistors Octave-up 3-Band Eq mf(x) Multi-Function Technology FX Link True Bypass Switching

Carl Martin 1 Plexitone usato

Plexitone usato

PLEXITONE - Overdrive per chitarra - Pro-line Series - Il Carl Martin PlexiTone offre due canali overdrive: il canale crunch e il canale high più un boost che incrementa il suono fino a 20dB. Il canale crunch va da suoni soft-rock fino a quelli più hard-rock, il canale high gain crea un suono potente molto in voga tra i guitar heroes degli anni'80 - Controlli: Boost + Level +...


The ARC Effects Klone is a faithful recreation of the now out of production and highly sought after “K” overdrive pedal. Known for it’s unbeatable clean boost, incredibly dynamic overdriven sound, and ability to stand out the mix, the “K” circuit is held to the highest standards for many. The ARC Effects Klone encompasses all of the characteristics of the original by...

1 Ecstasy usato

Ecstasy usato


J.Rockett 1 Pedale phaser/vibrato Tranquilizer usato

Pedale phaser/vibrato Tranquilizer usato

The new Tranquilizer is a swirly machine. One of our favorite effects of old was the original phase 45. We always thought it was more musical than the 90 and less “in your face”. We started out to make a recreation but then discovered features we needed. The tranquilizer is capable of classic phase 45 sounds, classic Univibe sounds, classic Leslie sounds and classic vibe only sounds....

1 Wah RMC3 usato

Wah RMC3 usato


Electro-Harmonix 1 Delay looper 2880 usato

Delay looper 2880 usato

Il 2880 offre i comandi familiari di un registratore digitale multitraccia, con in aggiunta la possibilità di creare loop stereo con controllo di traccia. Complessi loop multi traccia possono essere creati e sovrapposti con facilità anche in situazioni live.

Strymon 1 Pedale Lex usato

Pedale Lex usato

When we decided to create a studio-class pedal that faithfully recreates the classic, unmistakable sound of the most sought-after rotating speaker system, we prepared to study every nuance and finest detail. The Strymon sound design labs have been filled with those signature, swirling, three-dimensional sounds, as we painstakingly analyzed and recreated the physics and mechanics behind these...

1 Menatone FishFactory usato

Menatone FishFactory usato

The Fish Factory combines our first two pedals in one package. The Red Snapper side has amazing transparency, while the Blue Collar side has a classic mid hump. Each side can be used individually or together for maximum flexibility. Features: Point to point wiring True bypass switching LED indicator Aluminium knobs All analog circuitry  

Empress 1 Multidrive usato

Multidrive usato

Fuzz / Overdrive / Distortion Volume and gain controls for fuzz, overdrive and distortion mode Each Drive mode has a high-pass and low-pass filter Mini-toggle for distortion type (Crunch / Mild / Lead) Mini-toggle for Midboost / Cut 3-Band EQ Output controller Analogue signal path True Bypass Closed aluminium housing 9 - 18V DC power supply is required (not included, sold separately under...

Empress 1 Pedale Superdelay VintageModern usato

Pedale Superdelay VintageModern usato

Killer Sound Quality  - The Signal to Noise ratio is around 105dB. 2.8 Seconds of Delay Time  - For your extra long delays. 8 modes  - normal, tap, autoset (delay time is set by tempo played), reverse, rhythm mode (multitap), tape mode, misc (dynamic, gate), and 11 second looper. Expression Pedal Input  - allows you to control either mix or feedback with your foot. High...

Carl Martin 1 pedaliera Quattro usata

pedaliera Quattro usata

4 Classic Carl Martin Effects Compressor / limiter 2 Channel overdrive Vintage style echo (tap tempo) Chorus FX loop for external effects Weight: 1.96 kg Dimensions: 41  x 6.5 x 16 cm Power supply (included)

Vemuram 1 Shanks usato

Shanks usato


Cornish 1 G2 usato

G2 usato

The PETE CORNISH G-2™ has been hailed as the most original sounding distortion unit available to guitarists in the Rock Arena. It features a four stage overdriven discrete transistor Class A circuit with additional Germanium components that generate much warmer sounding harmonics than anything else on the market. Within the huge tone generated by this unit, the original guitar sound and...

Cornish 1 Pedale NG2 usato

Pedale NG2 usato

In the range of generally available fuzz boxes covering a scale from 1 through 10 , this one goes to 15  !  Specifically designed to simulate “Imminent Amp Death” this custom built unit features several separate stages so that the user may tune it to his or her own degree of ‘I.A.D.’. The first stage is a Linear  DRIVE  with up to +26dB of gain feeding...

Cornish 1 Pedale ST2 usato

Pedale ST2 usato

Originally designed for inclusion in the range of Effects Boards created for Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour, the  PETE  CORNISH ST-2™  has a long history of preference by professional rock musicians as a vital part of their custom built  PETE CORNISH™  Effects Pedalboards and Rack Systems. The  ST-2™  features a superior RFI rejecting input...