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Providence 1 Booster VFB-1 Vitalizer FB

Booster VFB-1 Vitalizer FB

FINAL BOOSTER is now renewed as VITALIZER™ FB! The Providence VITALIZER™ FB is a successor of the FINAL BOOSTER to represent its true performance and function. This is the same product as FINAL BOOSTER FBT-1. VITALIZER™ The Vitalizer™ is one of the buffers that converts high impedance signal that are more likely to degrade the sound quality by picking up noise or losing...

Providence 1 Overdrive SDR-4R Sonic Drive

Overdrive SDR-4R Sonic Drive

It was one of our most popular overdrive pedals that lasted until version 5. We are excited to reissue the SONIC DRIVE this fall as SONIC DRIVE SDR-4R for a limited run. Based on the old SDR-4 which was the most praised version, we retained the circuit that affects the sound while using the current parts in the market. A full and vibrant sound can be realized without being masked by the sound of...

Providence 1 Pedale Anadime Chorus ADC-4

Pedale Anadime Chorus ADC-4

Rich & Warm Sounding Analog Chorus The ADC-4 Anadime Chorus is an analog chorus effect that uses a BBD (Bucket Brigade Delay) device. This versatile chorus effect is ideal for everything from moody arpeggios, to flowing chord progressions, to powerful riffs and solos. Even though the effect output is mono, it delivers a spacious sense of width and depth as well as warmth and thickness that...

Providence 0 Pedale compressore Velvet Comp

Pedale compressore Velvet Comp

Pedale compressore dalla sonorità morbida e cristallina, caratterizzato da una grande versatilita sonora e versatilità di utilizzo, sia come limiter, compressore, ideale sia per suoni drive che puliti. Possibilità di regolare l'attacco della compressione ed il tempo di sustain.Caratteristiche:- SINGLE CONTACT TRUE BYPASS- Controlli: LEVEL, ATTACK, SUSTAIN - Connessioni: 2...

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Providence 2 Pedale Delay Chrono Delay

Pedale Delay Chrono Delay

■SPECIFICATIONS ●Controls: MIX, ECHO HARDNESS, FEED BACK, TIME, BEAT SPLIT,  BPM – mSec toggle switch, A/B – TAP toggle switch, ON/OFF footswitch,  A/B – TAP footswitch. ●Connectors: Standard 1/4-inch phone jacks (INPUT, OUTPUT, EXT.TAP),  DC12V input jack ●Power Supply: Supplied AC adaptor (PAP-712DCJ for North America and Japan,  PAP-712DCE for Europe,...

Providence 1 pedale distorsore Heat Blaster

pedale distorsore Heat Blaster

A powerful distortion sound close to the modern thick high gain tube amplifiers! The Heat Blaster HBL-4 provides aggressive distortion from classic rock to modern hard rock.

Providence 1 Pedale distorsore Stampede DT

Pedale distorsore Stampede DT

Distorsore dal sound pieno e corposo, con equalizzatore a 2 vie, simile alla resa valvolare di un amplificatore a stack. Pur essendo alimentato a 9V, il circuito interno che lavora ad un voltaggio superiore, fornendo una profondita sonora ed un range dinamico impensabili con i pedali overdrive convenzionali. Caratteristiche: SINGLE CONTACT TRUE BYPASS Controlli: GAIN, OUTPUT, TREBLE, BASS...

Providence 1 Pedale Final Booster

Pedale Final Booster

● The PROVIDENCE FINAL BOOSTER FBT-1 is a full-range booster that includes our innovative VITALIZER ® circuit for a unique boost sound that allows the natural characteristics of the instrument to come through. The VITALIZER ® circuit remains active when the effect is turned OFF to ensure that a rich, vibrant signal is delivered to subsequent devices.

Providence 1 Pedale overdrive Red Rock OD

Pedale overdrive Red Rock OD

Warm overdrive ideally matches single-coil pickups Warm overdrive with plenty of sustain gives guitarists a wide-ranging expressive voice. The tone is a perfect match for guitars with single-coil pickups. Level compensation for different pickups An input gain section that is similar to guitar amp circuits allows level compensation for pickups of differing output as well as boost. FAT Switch A FAT...

Providence 1 Pedale overdrive Stampede OD SOV-2

Pedale overdrive Stampede OD SOV-2

Lo Stampede OD è un pedale overdrive pensato per offrire una distorsione naturale, rispettando il suono e le caratteristiche della chitarra utilizzata. Pur essendo alimentato a 9V, è caratterizzato da un circuito interno che lavora fino a 15V, fornendo un range dinamico tre volte superiore ai pedali overdrive convenzionali. Ideale sia per sonorità lead che accompagnamenti....